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Supporting Transmasc TNBI Community since 2011

Navigate Brighton is a peer support group for anyone who identify as transmasculine, non-binary, intersex & gender-diverse AFAB people.
We started as FTM Brighton in 2011 when the only support available was The Clare Project. Back then The Clare Project was more geared towards Trans women, so FTM Brighton began to support Trans Men.
We've all moved forward a long way in the 9 years we've been running and we're pleased to say that all of the groups are now much more open, inclusive and understanding of different gender identities.
We now work closely with The Clare Project, Trans Pride Brighton, and other organisations to provide support and inclusion to our TNBI community.
Navigate is still geared towards the Trans-masculine side, this is due to the fact that, even though we have a lot of shared experiences, some things we need to discuss just aren't relevant to everyone.
The idea is there is a group for Trans-masculine support, a group for Trans-feminine support, and then The Clare Project weekly drop ins for everyone.
Navigate is still fully supportive and welcoming to anyone who wishes to attend, this separation is to purely make sure everyone is getting the relevant support for them.
Our meetings are a safe space and if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.
We will provide a social space, support, advice and co-ordinate local campaigns relevant to those we support.
Inclusion is important to us. Our aim is to be a diverse group, whether you are intending to transition or not, and regardless of surgery or hormone use.
Our regular meetings are held on the second Friday of every month, see the Calendar for more information.
Also, have a look at Blog to see what is coming up, and any updates Navigate has going on right now.

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