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These are the services Navigate Brighton can provide and offers. Some of them will be in conjunction with other groups and organisations and some will be just us. Either way, if you need any help to access these services, please message us.

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Team Holding Building Blocks Spelling ou


We have a monthly meeting that is a closed group and confidential. It's a peer supported environment and is a place to discuss anything you need to.
Due to Covid-19 we had suspended our face to face meetings, but have returned to a hybrid set up with in-person meetings with a Zoom link.

The Forum on this website was our stop-gap and is members-only to maintain a closed space.

If you would like to become a member please get in touch with us so we can complete this with you.



We collect binders from donations, some new, some older, but still in good condition. They're here for people to have and when they're done they can either re-donate the binders to us or pass them on to someone they may know who also needs one.

We've set up the store so you can see the binders. It's a work in progress and we will get it so you don't have to 'checkout' but can just reserve items. Please bare with us while we sort this out.

In the meantime feel free to browse and email us if you need one.



We have a collection of books that have been recommended by people in our community, written by people in our community and for you, the people of our community!
There is only one copy of each book and as a small group we don't have a lot of funding so they will be loaned on a very strict basis as it's very important they're taking care of and returned so they can be accessed by the whole community.

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