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We have some wonderful news! We have been accepted to march in this year’s Brighton Pride on 5th August. We are waiting on confirmation of having a stall at the event as well and we are hopeful this will also be accepted. It has been many years since there was an official trans presence at Brighton Pride. This has been due to concerns over the commercial nature of the event as it now is. However, we feel that this year of all years it is important to show that we are part of the broader LGBTQIA community and be visible at this important event. Our theme for this year will be Hope Not Hate, with a transformative butterfly motif. We are now looking for volunteers to march in the parade, help with the organisation and logistics, design and make costumes and banners and man the stall. If you are interested in joining us in this, please DM or email. We will set up a Zoom planning meeting in two weeks’ time to start planning. We look forward to hearing from you. Jack and Max

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