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What to Expect

This is a rough guide to how our meetings go and is here to give you a clear idea of what to expect so when you first come and see us, it won't be scary. We also can meet on a one to one basis another time so that when you come to a meeting, you'll have at least one friendly face.

Our meetings start at 6pm, but people tend to arrive from 5:45pm onwards so there is time to say hello and make a cup of tea.

We often start our meetings by introducing ourselves by name and pronoun. Don't feel obliged to use the name everyone else calls you, you can try a new name out for the evening if you want. We also give people the opportunity to express their pronoun eg. he, they, ze, she (to name a few), and this may also change from one meeting to the next. There are also badges that you're welcome to and may take home with you.

We then get on with what we had planned for the rest of the meeting. We try to plan our meetings in advance so that we can have guest speakers, have topical discussion, or watch films etc. Suggestions for meetings are welcomed and can be put forward on our Facebook page.

Notices are given; any upcoming events to be advertised, important information and news. We then open up the group for a short Q&A for anyone to share a burning question they have and want the rest of the group to answer. This is also an opportunity to share any good or bad news you want to, let us know whats been going on in your life, or share something important.

At 8pm we finish the meeting and tidy up the room we have been using.

Some meetings are SOFFA (Significant others, family, friends and allies) meetings and mean you can bring people with you. These meetings will be clearly labelled as such and are a great way to connect the important people in your life with the support and friendship of the group.

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